Ivan Katrunov - Tetiana Georgiievska

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Ivan Katrunov  
Tetiana Georgiievska  
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18 September 2013
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31 December 2017
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8.19 September 2013World DanceSport GamesBoogie WoogieAdultKaohsiung - Chinese Taipei

That's Him!

My name is Ivan and I've been dancing for 19 years.

I started with acrobatic rock-n-roll but after several years of training and competitions decided that swing and boogie-woogie are closer to my personality.

I compit in my first dance school fom 10 years old to 19. 

At the age of 19 I created my own dance school ("Elvis") in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Since then I've been not only dancing but also teaching boogie-woogie.

In 2009 fate gave me a chance to make a dance show in Ukraines got tallent with my nowdays partner Tatiana Gerogiievska (that time she was my biggest sport dance concurent). We semifinal Live TV result. From That days we became think about our partnership. Hence, in 2010 another "Elvis" boogie dance school appeared, but this time in Kiev. Meanwhile  we decided to dance together with Tanya. This completed my full establishment in the capital.


Here is some additional information.

I have Ph.D in radio physics.

So far I am getting second education in the field of sport dance, running my dance school, teaching a lot and competing internationally together with Tanya.

 All information from web page of our dance couple www.ivanandtanya.com

In case you are interested here is the website of Elvis Dance School in Kiev http://boogiedance.kiev.ua