Tarik Zilic - Ena Ademovic

General information

Tarik Zilic   (10138156)
Ena Ademovic   (10138158)
Dancing for
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Joined on
Current age group
Current status

235. in Youth - Latin with 278 points

231. in Youth - Standard with 221 points

1102. in Adult - Latin with 23 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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33.5623 September 2023OpenLatinYouthSzombathely - Hungary
Present23 September 2023World ChampionshipStandardYouthSzombathely - Hungary
38.6414 May 2023OpenLatinYouthCacak - Serbia
44.2314 May 2023International OpenLatinAdultCacak - Serbia
27.7811 December 2022OpenLatinYouthSofia - Bulgaria
38.7611 December 2022OpenStandardJunior IISofia - Bulgaria
40.8011 December 2022OpenLatinJunior IISofia - Bulgaria
10.14319 November 2022OpenStandardYouthSkopje - Macedonia
25.7819 November 2022OpenLatinYouthSkopje - Macedonia
11.19 November 2022Children Grand PrixStandardJunior IISkopje - Macedonia
14.19 November 2022Children Grand PrixLatinJunior IISkopje - Macedonia
25.7802 October 2022OpenStandardJunior IIBelgrade - Serbia
44.5802 October 2022OpenLatinYouthBelgrade - Serbia
33.6801 October 2022OpenLatinJunior IIBelgrade - Serbia
26.7801 October 2022OpenStandardYouthBelgrade - Serbia