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DetailsJoe GuanDior HuangTPESenior IIActive
DetailsLi LinGiulia GiacoppoTPEAdultActive
DetailsJason LinSunmay SungTPEAdultActive
DetailsBrian HsiungMichelle HsiungTPEYouthActive
DetailsHao ZhangIsabella ZhouTPEAdultActive
DetailsLeo WangSandy ChangTPEAdultActive
DetailsJerry TsaiElita ChenTPEYouthActive
DetailsDaniel LinAngelina ChenTPEYouthActive
DetailsPo Cheng TsaoAngela ChenTPEJunior IActive
DetailsYu Hsiang LanSarah HuangTPEJunior IIActive
DetailsShih Chun TaiNitang HsiehTPEAdultActive
DetailsJayden Guan-Xu ChenChih-Hsien ChouTPEJuvenile IIActive
DetailsChien Ming HuangChien Fang TsaiTPESenior IIIActive
DetailsYu-chen LeeJing LiuTPEJuvenile IIActive
DetailsBen WuJudy ChangTPEAdultActive
DetailsWilliam HuangAriel LITPEYouthActive
DetailsEric YaoJoanna ChiangTPEAdultActive
DetailsSean LinShu Huei Huang TPEAdultActive
DetailsYung Cheng LinSerena LinTPEAdultActive