WDSF Open Standard Junior II - Moscow

if this competition changes.


01 December 2017


Moscow - Russia

Organizer contact

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World Ranking

This competition is not counted for the World Ranking List but would have had a coefficient of 1.10

Additional information

WDSF General

WDSF Open competitions: Organiser: Andrey Telnov a.telnov@mail.ru

WDSF World Cup competition: dancesport@rosfarr.ru

WDSF Professional Division

Organizer: DPG (Dance Promotion Group)
Contact person: Sergei Nikolaev +7 (495) 788-04-77 office@dpg-int.ru

The PD SGP Final is a closed event - 7 qualified couples in each discipline have been invited!



  1. Round 2. Round Final
Couples danced 24 12 6
Couples set