WDSF PD World Championship Standard Adult - Dubai

if this competition changes.


18 December 2021


Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Confirmed results available

World Ranking

Coefficient: 4.00

Additional information

Name of the Organiser: Dubai Sport Council, “Dancezone”:
Larisa Davydova (for WDSF Open); Alexander Melnikov (for WDSF Open and PD World Championship)

Telephone Number of  Larisa Davydova (for WDSF Open): +7 916-655-43-39 (Whatsapp)

Telephone Number of Alexander Melnikov: + 7 916 600 13 64 (also Whatsapp)

Entries for PD World Championship Standard can be made only trough National PD Member Bodies.
Invitations with necessary information were sent to Member Bodies from the PD Office (pd.office@wdsf.org).


  1. Round 2. Round 3. Round Final
Couples danced 27 24 12 6
Couples set