WDSF World Championship Latin Under 21 - Tbilisi

if this competition changes.


19 May 2018


Tbilisi - Georgia


Registering now!

Additional information

President - Mr. George Gachechiladze
Mob:    +995-574-44-88-22
E-mail:  gndsf@hotmail.com

Vice-President - Mr. Vano Kandelaki
Mob:    +995-577-214-814
E-mail:  vanokandelaki@yahoo.com

Organzier's leaflet

This year Georgia will host the WDSF WORLD UNDER 21 LATIN CHAMPIONSHIP 2018

  • CAUCASUS CUP is one of the oldest and prestigious International DanceSport Competition of the Region and this year we will host the 23rd edition of this event!

  • WDSF World Open Latin & Standard - WDSF Open 10 Dance - WDSF PD Open Latin and many other WDSF & National categories for all age groups (please see the program)!

  • Prestigious Judging Panel: will be published soon on our web-page!
  • Possibility to order The Full-Pass Package with All Expenses included (please see the information)!
  • This Year the expected coefficient of the World Open Latin will be: 2.30!
    And the expected coefficient of the World Open Standard willbe: 2.00!
  • Possibility to visit the beautiful capital of Georgia - TBILISI - est. 479 A.D.
  • The closing date of the Online Registration is May 15th, 2018!
  • Please note that the Registration for WDSF World U21 Latin Championship 2018 is possible only by the Nominations of the WDSF National Member Bodies – till May 1st, 2018!

The Full-Pass Package Price:

330 Euro/per couple/for 2 days - Hotel Golden Palace Tbilisi (4****) or
300 Euro/per couple/for 2 days - Hotel DOLABARI (3***) or  Hotel White House (3***)

The Full-Pass Package includes:

  1. Entry Fee for 1 competition (for each additional competition please add 20 Euro/per couple)
    In case if couple dances only WDSF U21 WCH – 50 Euro will be deducted from the total price!
  2. Accommodation at the OFFICIAL Hotel for couples - Hotel Golden Palace Tbilisi (4****) for 2 nights in a double or twin room including breakfast for 2 persons;
  3. In case a couple needs an extra night - they shall add the price of one night accordingly;
  4. If couple prefers to book another official Hotel Hotel DOLABARI (3***) or  Hotel White House (3***) – 30 Euro (i.e. 15 Euro per night difference 80-65=15 Euro) will be deducted from the total price of the package and the new total for The Full-Pass Package will be 330Euro-30Euro=300 Euro!
  5. 3 DAYS Ticket-Pass – for all events
  6. Full Transport Services – (Pick-up and Delivery to/From Tbilisi Airport and Hotel/Competition Venue); Only Participants of WDSF U21 WCH do not pay Transfer Fee - 60 Euro to/From Tbilisi Airport! Gala Dinner Only on Saturday Night after the WDSF U21 WCH is included in the package! Couples will get the Dinner Invitation upon arrival! (60 Euro/per couple);

Please Note:

  • Check-in Time is 14:00 and Check-out Time is before 12:00 in the afternoon!
  • Early check-ins or Late check-outs possible ONLY at an additional cost!
  • We do not provide transport services to couples, who do not book The Full-Pass package with us or who are not participants of the World Championship U21 La!
  • You can order The Full-Pass Package during the online registration! If you mention which option you order in the comment box! 
  • The bookings in the Official Hotel shall be made and paid to the organizers directly – you will receive the Invoice from us!
  • Couples who do not book The Full-Pass Package with us – but would like to join us during Gala Dinner – they can book it at a price of 40 Euro/per person!
  • If couple arrives/departs to/from Kutaisi International Airport, which is 200 km away from Tbilisi they shall add 50 Euro on top of the price – they will be transferred together with other couples in groups;
  • Couples – participating ONLY in WDSF U21 WCH LA – who would not like to buy The Full-Pass Package and would like to book only the Official Hotel – they can do so – and they get free transfer as well – in this case they will pay only for the Hotel Accommodation!
  • Couples – participating ONLY in WDSF U21 WCH LA – who would like to buy The Full-Pass Package - they do not pay 50 Euro Starting Fee (if they dance only WCH U21 LA) and also do not pay 60 Euro Transfer Fee (in case of Tbilisi Airport) so their Total Price will be: 
  • 220 Euro/per couple/for 2 days - Hotel Golden Palace Tbilisi (4****) or
  • 190 Euro/per couple/for 2 days - Hotel DOLABARI (3***) or Hotel White House (3***)


    The Full-Pass Package Rate or the Entry Fees shall be paid:

    • at the registration desk in your Official Hotels:
    • The Registration Desk will be working in all Official Hotels for couples
      From 19:00 till 22:00 on 18/05/2018
      From 19:00 till 22:00 on 19/05/2018
    • Those who live in other Hotels and arrive themselves to the Competition Hall – they shall pay they Entry Fee at the Registration Desk – which is open 2 hours before the start of your competition.