Why are my competition results not in the world ranking list?

For your competition results to show up in the World Ranking List several requirements must be fullfilled:

  1. You must be registered as an athlete of your country in the RLS.
  2. Your partner must be registered as an athlete of your country in the RLS.
  3. You and your partner must be registered as an active couple in the RLS.

RLS stands for "Registration and Licensing System" and it's a tool the WDSF provides to the member bodies to manage their athletes competing on national and international level.

WDSF has given the member bodies full control and responsibility to decide which of their athletes are allowed to represent their country at WDSF competitions.

If you think you are entitled to compete for your country but are not listed in the WDSF athletes or couple list, please contact your national RLS administrator to add or update your information.

Usually it's possible to modify your status after the competition has ended but this policy is due to change during the year 2012.

Please be sure you are properly registered at the RLS before you sign up at a competition.

Once you sign up for a competition make sure the organizer spells both of your names exactly as they are at the RLS.