Issue 2007/06 : “DanceAssen 2007”, The Netherlands - Setting The Record Straight

The IDSF Presidium notes the World Dance Council (“WDC”) publication of a provocative Press Release entitled 'Unstoppable Freedom'. The Press Release is a gross distortion of the facts and is highly misleading. What happened in The Netherlands Court is quite different from what WDC says. Stichting Dans Internationaal (“SDI”) and Mr. Neil Jones (a DanceSport athlete) sued NADB (IDSF’s Member in the Netherlands) in a Court at The Hague. (SDI is represented by its Director Mr. Fred Bijster, who is also a vice-president of WDC. WDC, not SDI, published the Press Release.) SDI and Jones asked the Court to order NADB to cooperate with SDI re: DanceAssen 2007, an SDI competition scheduled for November, 2007, and not to communicate certain statements re: the possible consequences of competing there. At the Court hearing SDI was represented by Mr. Bijster. Mr. Jones did not appear in Court.

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