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  • Meet ITA Educator Derek Ryan at the WDSF World Breaking Championship!

    Get ready for an engaging experience where all your questions on anti-doping will be answered!

    21/09/2023 read more ...
  • Tragic Earthquake in Morocco

    The WDSF DanceSport Community mourns the victims of the deadly September 8th earthquake in Morocco.

    10/09/2023 read more ...
  • Olympic Qualification Video Guide

    We are excited to present to our community a newly released video by the Olympic Channel detailing the Qualification System for the Olympic Games.

    17/08/2023 read more ...
  • WDSF Presidium Operating Policy Individual Neutral Athletes and Officials

    Neutral Athletes and Officials

    WDSF Approves New Operating Policy for Neutral Athletes and Officials

    13/08/2023 read more ...
  • B-Girl India and B-Boy Dany qualify for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 at the European Games

    Breaking made its groundbreaking debut at the continental European Games this week with two days of competition on 26 and 27 June.

    29/06/2023 read more ...
  • Neutral Individuals to be allowed to participate in WDSF events.

    The Presidium believes that bona fide neutral athletes should be allowed to compete in DanceSport events under carefully regulated and supervised conditions

    08/06/2023 read more ...

New date and location confirmed for the 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championship 23/08/2021

Breaking 2021 Championship banner

WDSF is pleased to inform everybody about the new place and date for the 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championship which will now be held on December 4th, 2021 at Theatre de Chatelet in PARIS, FRANCE.

The 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championship will be held in the 1 vs 1 format for B-Girls and B-Boys. Each National Member Body is entitled to nominate 2 B-Girls and 2 B-Boys for these respective championships. Any nominated B-Girl and B-Boys must be 16 years of age or older on or before December 31st 2021.

The 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championship will be part of the qualifiers to the IWGA World Games, taking place in July 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

We are delighted the Fédération Francaise de Danse (FFD) will be organizing this prestigious event on the “Road to Paris 2024” in the French Capital. As everybody knows Paris will also be the host city of the first ever appearance of Breaking at the Olympic Games in just over 3 years.

Further detailed information on the 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championship will be provided to all NMB´s by FFD in the close future.