Presidium Appoints Bboy Bojin as Presidium Member with Full Voting Rights

Bojin Bboy Bojin (Bojin Chen), famed Breaker and activist from Chinese Taipei, has been warmly welcomed by the WDSF Presidium to be the new Presidium Member.

The appointment came following the WDSF Annual General Meeting on June 12, 2022, when delegates of National Member Bodies voted to approve a Presidium motion to amend the WDSF Statutes to include a Breaker on the WDSF Presidium with full voting rights. With Breaking as a new Olympic DanceSport discipline, the intention for this change is to ensure representation of the Breaking athletes within a powerful decision-making entity of the WDSF.

The work of a Presidium Member is not an easy task as it requires consistent involvement in various managerial aspects of DanceSport development, policies and decision-making. Thus, it was imperative for WDSF to find a Breaker who has significant experience in various aspects of Breaking as a sport, and as a leader in the Breaking community.

Bboy Bojin, a Breaker since 1993, describes his Bboy dance style as one that incorporates Mixed Martial Arts, and inspired by L.A. Boyz and Bruce Lee. He is no amateur in the competitive arena, as Bboy Bojin began his competitive career in 1997, founded the Hyper Rush Crew in 2000, and has won several international street dance competitions with his crew members.

Besides his experience as a Breaking performer and competitor himself, Bboy Bojin, founder of HRC Dance Studio in Chinese Taipei, has competed, performed, taught and judged events in more than 50 countries around the world, including USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Denmark, China, Singapore, South Korea, Nepal and Bhutan. He has helped to organize the first Youth Olympic Games Breaking Asia/Oceania Qualification in 2018, and in Chinese Taipei, organized the Battle of the Year, Juste Debout, World of Dance, Freestyle Session, Battle Pro, Bboy City, among many more competitions.

Bojin As WDSF Breaking Division Consultant since 2019, Bboy Bojin has also supervised the running of the 2019 WDSF World Breaking Championships in Nanjing, China, where impressively Breakers from around 60 countries participated.

As a passionate breaking exponent, Bboy Bojin is strongly committed to community service and inspiring the youth within the Breaking and the Hip Hop culture.  Bboy Bojin has given speeches in multiple high schools and universities. Impressively, as BBOYCITYPROJECT founder, Bboy Bojin leads his team of Breakers to volunteer to teach Hip Hop to children and orphans in specific cities and less developed countries.

And this is not all. Bboy Bojin is also an innovator and entrepreneur, and founded “Swipe”, a digital learning platform using AI technology to teach street dancing.

With the acceptance of his appointment as Presidium Member, Bboy Bojin expresses his enthusiasm to give back to the Breaking community, representing WDSF in co-organizing events such as the upcoming World Games in USA, and together with WDSF and a team of Breakers, strengthening Breaking’s path to the Olympics.

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