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Winners of the Just Dance contest 27/06/2020

Earlier this month, dancers from all around the world participated in an online “Just Dance” contest, organized by WDSF Academy in conjunction with researchers from Stanford University. The aim was to promote active dancing during this challenging time.

The “Just Dance” competition entries were judged by a panel of three WDSF international adjudicators - Evgeny Imrekov (Russia), Jack Qian (China), and Silvia Pitton (Italy). The judges judged the entries based on how creative, captivating or authentic the videos are. 

We divided the videos into ages 16 and above (“Adult”) and ages 15 and below (“Junior”). The judges were only given the competition entry numbers and videos for judging, and were asked to judge the videos based on the first minute of the videos if the videos exceeded one minute. 

Originally, we announced that there would be two Champion and two runners-up winners. The Champions will receive a competition costume from Kostumer, 200 Euros or 2 online dance lessons with a WDSF Champion of their choice. The two runners-up winners will receive Kostumer practice wear, 100 Euros or 1 online lesson with a WDSF Champion of their choice. Due to a large number of impressive entries, we will also be awarding two third-place winners with a cash prize of 50 Euros. Additionally, the top 10 winners will receive fashionable masks, courtesy of Kostumer group. 



ilXoxBDNXNI|Just Dance Contest | Junior winners

st Place. Zheleznyakov Arkipp and Volkova Polina (Russia)

2nd Place. Lukas Jasinevicius amd Kamile Sulcaite (Lithuania)

3rd Place. Maksim Kutsuluma and Sofiia Panchenko (Ukraine)


Top 4-10 Placing, in no particular order:

  • Serikova Arina (Ukraine)
  • Matvei Osetrov (Russia)
  • Lila Nisa Sonay (Turkey)
  • Kablova Alexandra and Neledinsky Dmitry (Russia)
  • Avelina Strelcova and Mark (Russia)
  • Vulf Irina and Motovilov Saveliy (Russia)
  • Zoya Lavrenyuk (Ukraine)

 Special mention (Top 11-20), in no particular order:

  • Jessica Hill 
  • Ilina Victoria
  • Kizin Ustym 
  • Yaroslav and Valeria
  • Matvei and Daniela 
  • Migol Andrey and Bogusheva Julia
  • Zheida Artem
  • Sashka Koleska
  • Julian Holzmann
  • Sudarev Matvei and Sudareva Vasilisa
  • Zorina Elena
  • Imershayeva Rufina




Fg9ALlfPRRc|Just Dance Contest | Adult winners



1st Place. Raffaello Brancato (Italy)

2nd Place. Sofia Konchitskaya (Ukraine)

3rd Place. Arthur Zschäbitz and Antonia Lange (Germany)


Top 4-10 Placing, in no particular order:

  • Fedotov Maksim and Fedotova Yana (Ukraine)
  • Domenico Aliberti and Roberta Cardone (Italy)
  • Andrej Dimoski and Angela Spirovska (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
  • Li Mingxuan and Zhou Wanting (China)
  • Anton Farronay and Olga Ryadchenko (Russia)
  • Diago Gibilterra (Italy)
  • Santino Mirenna (Norway)

 Special mention (Top 11-20), in no particular order:

  • Maksym Darii and Anna Darii 
  • Andrea Borrelli and Chantal Green 
  • Giuseppe Renna and Martina Bortolotti
  • Alex Salvador and Alice Chiocchi
  • Xu Ji and Huang Jiawei 
  • Davide Corrodi and Maja Kucharczyk
  • Gregorio Corello and Darya Suslova
  • Tudor-Andrei Ionescu and Daniela-Alexandra Ilco
  • Mihai Popa and Anisia Balcan
  • Guiping and Xie Zhaoji

The winners will be contacted for their prizes. Congratulations to all!