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    06/05/2021 read more ...

Media Swarm to JDSF Press Conference on Breaking at Paris 2024 18/12/2020

HMS_8441 のコピー.jpg

To mark Breaking’s official inclusion on the sports programme for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, the Japanese DanceSport Federation (JDSF) on 14 December held a press conference at its headquarters in Tokyo that was widely attended by local media.

Appearing at the press conference alongside JDSF President Toshitsugu Saito, JDSF Managing Director Atsushi Yamada and JDSF Head of Breaking Katsuyiki Ishikawa (aka Katsu One) were b-girl Narumi, b-girl Ami, b-girl Yuika, b-boy Yukki, b-boy Raion, and Youth Olympic Games medalists b-girl Ram and b-boy Shigekix.

“The first thing I thought about was that I'm very happy that I have the opportunity to let various people know about Breaking, which I've always loved,” said 18-year-old Shigekix, who recently became the youngest ever Red Bull BC One champion. “Paris 2024 will be a huge goal and motivation for me, and of course I am looking forward to it.”

B-girl Ram added that she was also pleased about the increased spotlight Breaking will receive thanks to its Olympic inclusion.

“I won two medals at the Youth Olympic Games, and I was interviewed by various media, including newspapers and television,” she said. “I am very happy to have this opportunity to let more people know about Breaking.”

The decision to include Breaking at Paris 2024 was made on 7 December by the IOC Executive Board at its final meeting of 2020. The competition at Paris 2024 will feature 16 b-boys and 16 b-girls competing in 1vs1 battles.

The IOC decision was well-received in Japan, following on from Japan’s strong showing at the Breaking events at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, where Ram won gold in the 1vs1 battles and in the mixed-gender, mixed-nationality 2vs2 battles, while Shigekix took bronze in the 1vs1 b-boy event.

B-girl Ami, who won the WDSF World Breaking Championship in 2019, was in a thankful mood following the news that Breaking had been added to Paris 2024. “I have met so many people and had so many experiences through Breaking that I can only be very grateful for it,” she said. “I’m glad and looking forward to Breaking becoming an Olympic sport as it will be an opportunity for many people to learn more about it. I will also be aiming for a berth at Paris 2024.”

Following the press conference, a Breaking demonstration was held to educate the media and general public on the basic fundamentals of the DanceSport.

The JDSF is the WDSF National Member Body for Japan. In 2018, the JDSF successfully hosted the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championship in Kawasaki, which was the final qualifying event for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

To watch the press conference (in Japanese) click here.