Breaking Shines at Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest

Budapest, June 2024 – The Hungarian capital became the epicenter of the global Breaking scene as it hosted the final stop of the Olympic Qualifier Series, setting the stage for some of the most thrilling performances in the sport's history. The event, held at Ludovika Campus, was a pivotal moment for B-Boys and B-Girls aiming to secure their spots in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, where Breaking will make its debut as an official Olympic sport.

Day 1: Highlights and Results of the Breaking Competitions at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest

The first day of the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest, held on June 22, set the stage for an exhilarating display of talent as B-Boys and B-Girls vied for spots at Paris 2024. The men’s Pre-Qualifiers saw B-Boy ISSIN from Japan securing the top position with his exceptional skill and creativity. His dynamic moves and seamless transitions captivated both judges and the audience. Close on his heels in the Pre-Qualifier round was B-Boy HONGTEN from Korea, whose powerful presence and impressive routines earned him second place. B-Boy MENNO from the Netherlands, renowned for his unique style and consistency, secured the third spot in the Pre-Qualifiers with his captivating performance.

B-Boy Quake at OQS 2024 Budapest

In the women's category, B-Girl LOGISTX from the USA dominated the Pre-Selection round, showcasing her powerful and precise breaking skills to finish first. B-Girl AMI from Japan demonstrated her world-class talent and technique, securing second place in the Pre-Selection, while her compatriot B-Girl AYUMI displayed experience and finesse to claim the third spot in the same round. Both, Pre-Selection and Pre-Qualifier highlighted the incredible skill and artistry of the competitors, setting the stage for an exciting finale.

It is noteworthy that in the previous Olympic Qualifier Series, three Japanese B-Girls dominated the podium, highlighting the country's strong presence and prowess in the sport.

B-Girl Vanessa at OQS 2024 Budapest


B-Boys Pre-Selection Results:

  1. B-Boy HIRO 10 (JPN)
  2. B-Boy ISSIN (JPN)
  3. B-Boy LEE (NED)

B-Boys Pre-Qualifiers Results:

  1. B-Boy ISSIN (JPN)
  2. B-Boy HONGTEN (KOR)
  3. B-Boy AMIR (KAZ)

B-Girls Pre-Selection Results:

  1. B-Girl LOGISTX (USA)
  2. B-Girl AMI (JPN)
  3. B-Girl AYUMI (JPN)

B-Girls Pre-Qualifiers Results:

  1. B-Girl LOGISTX (USA)
  2. B-Girl RIKO (JPN)
  3. B-Girl KATE (UKR)

Among B-Boys, 2 athletes from Japan, 2 athletes from Ukraine, 2 athletes from China, and 2 athletes the USA made it to the top 16.

For B-Girls, notable representations included athletes from Japan, USA, Korea,Ukraine, and Italy, each with multiple athletes advancing to the top 16.

Day 2: Final Showdowns and Results of the Breaking Competitions

On June 23, the second day at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest brought intense emotions and exceptional performances from the B-Boys and B-Girls competing for coveted spots at the Paris Olympics.

Team Japan faced a tough battle, with B-Boys ISSIN and HIRO 10 competing fiercely for a single available spot due to country quotas for Paris. B-Boy AMIR from Kazakhstan delivered a powerful and energetic performance, earning the silver medal. B-Boy HONGTEN from Korea maintained his high level of performance from the preliminaries to secure the bronze, showcasing his consistency and dynamic breaking style. In a remarkable feat, B-Boy LEE from the Netherlands, who had also clinched victory at the first stop of the Olympic Qualifier Series, once again demonstrated his exceptional skills and determination, showcasing an impressive combination of power moves and intricate footwork.

B-Boy Amir, Lee and Hongten at OQS 2024 Budapest
(L-R) Second placed Kazakhstan's Amir, winner the Netherlands' Lee, and third placed South Korea's Hongten pose on the podium.

The competition was equally challenging for B-Girls, where B-Girl AMI from Japan took the top honors with her exceptional style and execution, earning the gold medal. B-Girl AYUMI, also from Japan, continued her strong showing from the preliminaries to claim the silver medal with her graceful and powerful moves. B-Girl RIKO placed 3rd. Despite her consistent performance across both Olympic Qualifier Series, RIKO fell short of making it to Paris due to the stringent quotas, leading to a heartfelt moment.

B-Girls Ayumi, Ami and Riko at OQS 2024 Budapest
Second placed Ayumi, left, winner Ami, middle, and third placed Riko, right, of Japan pose during a victory ceremony.

The final day of the event underscored the incredible talent and dedication of the breakers, with each athlete pushing the boundaries of their craft. The results in Budapest have significantly shaped the rankings and set the stage for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics.

We are thrilled to witness the incredible talent and dedication displayed by the B-Boys and B-Girls at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest. The performances have been nothing short of spectacular, and it is clear that Breaking will make a dynamic and exciting debut at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Shawn Tay, WDSF President

B-Boys Finals Results:

  1. B-Boy LEE (NED)
  2. B-Boy AMIR (KAZ)
  3. B-Boy HONGTEN (KOR)

B-Girls Finals Results:

  1. B-Girl AMI (JPN)
  2. B-Girl AYUMI (JPN)
  3. B-Girl RIKO (JPN)

The Budapest event served as a continuation of the thrilling Breaking competitions seen at the OQS Shanghai, where many athletes demonstrated their prowess, setting the stage for their successes in Budapest. Their consistent performances highlight the rigorous preparation and exceptional skill required to compete at the highest levels. The journey from Shanghai to Budapest has been marked by incredible displays of athleticism, creativity, and dedication.

Moving forward, the top 10 B-Girls and B-Boys have secured their spots for the Olympics.

B-Boys and B-Girls qualified for Olympic Games Paris 2024 at OQS 2024 Budapest

B-Girls advancing to the Olympics:Ami, Ayumi, Syssy, Logistx, YingZi, Kate, Anti, Vanessa, Stefani and Senorita Carlota.

B-Boys advancing to the Olympics: Lee, Hongten, Hiro10, Lithe-ing, Jeffro, Amir, Menno, Quake, Kuzya and Lagaet.

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