Adjudicators Status and Added Qualifications

All WDSF-Licensed adjudicators are required to:

  1. Attend a WDSF Adjudicators Congress once every two years. Any WDSF Adjudicator who fails to attend a WDSF Adjudicators Congress at least every two years will lose Active License Status until s/he attends another full Congress.
    Attending the first day of a 2 days AJS Course is equivalent to attending a regular Adjudicators congress.
  2. Pass the WDSF General Knowledge ("GK") Test every four years in order to be eligible for selection to judge WDSF Championships, Cups, Grand Slams and Multi-Sports Games.  The GK Test will be available in all full-day Adjudicators Congresses as well as the WDSF JS 2.1 Methods of Judging and Assessment Course.  Those who choose not to take the Test or who fail it will not lose their License, but they will not be eligible to judge WDSF Championships, Multi-Sports Games, Cups and Grand Slams as from 15 Dec 2015 until they pass the Test.
  3. Attend the WDSF JS 2.1 Methods of Judging and Assessment Course and pass the examinations to be eligible to use the JS 2.1 system for all WDSF Championships, Cups, Grand Slams and Multi-Sports Games.  This will take effect from 15 Aug 2016. The examination/s will be available at all WDSF JS 2.1 Courses.  “A” License Adjudicators who attend the JS 2.1 Course will also have their Licences updated and retain Active Licence Status for another 24 months, as if they had attended a WDSF Adjudicators Congress.  A GK Test will also be included in the course. Participants who fail the JS 2.1 examination are required to take both the course and the examination again. The status column in the Adjudicators section on the WDSF Web Site will not display the additional qualification until the Adjudicator passes the associated examination for the JS 2.1 course.
  4. The JS 2.1 Course examination will focus mainly on information provided in the WDSF Adjudicator’s Handbook.

New Applicants for the WDSF Adjudicators “B” Licence must attend two (2) WDSF Adjudicators Congresses as usual.  “B” Licence Adjudicators who fulfil all other conditions to apply for an “A” Licence must attend and pass the WDSF JS 2.1 course examination.