General Knowledge Test


With effect from July 2013, all applicants for WDSF Adjudicator's License must pass the English Comprehension Test and the General Knowledge (GK) test as prerequisites to obtain a license.

Existing license holders will sit for the test at their convenience when they attend the Adjudicator's congress for license renewal, or just to sit for a test at a congress of their choice. Adjudicators who have passed the test will have a special credit note on the WDSF website. Passing the test (only once) is a prerequisite for all adjudicators wishing to be qualified to adjudicate WDSF Championships, WDSF World Open, WDSF GrandSlam, WDSF Cups and WDSF Games. 

General Knowledge Test

Provides guidelines to adjudicators to have a sound understanding of:

  1. Structure, operating policies and history of WDSF
  2. Development within the WDSF
  3. Development of the judging system
  4. Adjudicator’s Code of Conduct
  5. WDSF competition rules
  6. Anti-doping rules and dress regulations
  7. WDSF new techniques.
  8. Influencing factors on judging

The GK Test will consist of 100 questions covering the topics provided above, all new applicants and existing license holders must take this test.  Candidates preparing for the test can download the GK Test Study Guide that will help reduce the preparation and study time.


Aims to ensure that the participants are able to understand spoken English and have a good sense of hearing.

Listening Comprehension

The examiner will act as chairman and read a passage to simulate a briefing for a competition. After this, candidates will answer 10 simple questions in written form. This test will take no more than 10 minutes and is for new applicants only.

Required Readings


GKT Study Guide