Technical Examination


The WDSF has developed the WDSF Technical Examination as a measure to standardize the qualifications needed for Standard and Latin dance techniques. This Technical Examination can be used for the following purposes:

  1. For applicants who need to take WDSF Technical Examinations in order to fulfil the requirements in obtaining an adjudicator's license
  2. To receive a form of certification of proficiency in Standard and Latin dance techniques
  3. For member bodies to adopt the Technical Examination as part of their existing education systems in establishing proficiency in Standard and Latin techniques

The WDSF Technical Examination is conducted by the WDSF Examiners in accordance with the procedure described in Procedure and Conduct of WDSF Technical Examinations.

The list of the WDSF Examiners is available in the WDSF's officials listing section.

The educational materials for the WDSF Technical Examination are the WDSF Techniques books.