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Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova (RUS) back on the floor and the podium in Stuttgart

Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova (RUS) at 2019 WDSF PD Super GrandPrix Standard Stuttgart | © Egli

It was their first event after an eight month break from the international competition floors. It was their first WDSF PD Super GrandPrix. And they continued where they left off in December 2018. 

The loud and supportive crowd at Beethoven Saal witnessed the Champions' return to the highest step of the podium as Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova (RUS) scored between the outstanding 39.2-39.5 points in the final and won the Super GP before the Moldovans Nikolay Darin - Natalia Seredina and the Russians Andrey Motyl - Ekaterina Kim (RUS).

The final result:
1. Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova (RUS)
2. Nikolay Darin - Natalia Seredina (MDA)
3. Andrey Motyl - Ekaterina Kim (RUS)
4. Alessandro Ilarioni - Aurora Sbardella (ITA)
5. Zhao Peng - Wang Qi (CHN)
6. Eros Sciamanna - Anna Angelika Jaglinska (POL)

The first feelings from the winners and the runners-up will be posted shortly.

2019 WDSF PD Super GrandPrix Standard Stuttgart | © Egli