How do i find the adult world championships of the year 2011?

For such specific queries it is better to start with an empty calendar. To acheive this do the following:

  • Open the "Calendar Options"
  • Click on the icon "Clear Calendar"

We now have the calendar showing nothing. The follwing steps will fill the calendar with the requested information:

  • In the "Competition Class" section expand the "WDSF World" section.
  • Activate the "World Championship" checkbox.
  • In the "Discipline" section choose the discipline you are interested in. In this example we choose "Standard".
  • In the "Category" section check the "Adult" checkbox.

The calendar now shows the Adult Standard World Championships for the current month. To see all of the year 2011 proceed as following:

  • Choose "2011" in the year dropdown list
  • Choose "All" in the month drop down list.

Thats it.

If you prefere to see the competitions as a list have a look at this tutorial.