What is the RLS


The RLS, short for "Registration and Licensing System" was created by Petr Odstricil and Richard Botik in the year 2001. Its goal was to have a central data base of WDSF registered athletes.

During its life it was extended to also accomodate competition results and the World Ranking List.

The access to the RLS was closed to the public in the beginning of 2012 as all of the information shown on the RLS website was available on the officials WDSF website as well.
Access to the RLS is currently only allowed to national administrators.


The purpose of the current RLS is to give each WDSF member body access to the WDSF database of their athletes, couples and teams.

The tasks of a member body's national administrator is:

  • Manage the WDSF ID-Card application of new athletes.
  • Create new couples consisting of WDSF athletes.
  • Retire or suspend couples.
  • Manage transfers of couples or athletes to other or their own member bodies.
  • Merge duplicate entries.

A comprehensive manual for all RLS functions is available publicly.