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  • PD World Showdance STD | Riga, Latvia

    Thirteen couples were competing for the 2018 PD World Championship ShowDance Standard title in Riga, Latvia. Steeve Gaudet - Marioara Cheptene (FRA) were crowned as the new World Champions in front of a loud and a supportive crowd.

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  • PD ShowDance Standard in Riga

    The DanceSport year 2018 will come to an end with PD World Championship ShowDance Standard in Riga, Latvia on Sunday. There will be a live stream of the event.

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  • World Youth Latin in Riga

    Celebration, talent, youth and joy. 2018 World Championship Youth Latin proved to be one of the highlights of the DanceSport year.

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  • World Youth Latin in Riga

    Riga, Latvia, will host the event where the next generation of Latin dancers will meet on Saturday. It is the last Championship of the year and what would be a better way to leave the old year behind than with World Youth Latin.

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  • Vezelis - Chatkeviciute / LTU retire of std dancing

    The reigning 2018 WDSF PD European Champions and winners of the silver medal of 2018 WDSF PD World Championship Standard last Sunday in Moscow  announced their retirement of Standard dancing today.

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  • European Champions took home the World title

    GrĂ¼n-Gold-Club Bremen (GER) and DUET-A Perm (RUS) continued their thrilling duel, which started a year ago: a tight competition with two amazing Latin Formations. This time it was the Germans who made it to the top.

    03/12/2018 read more ...

1st Day of Mixed Battles Competition at the Youth Olympic Games 11/10/2018

With International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach together with the WDSF President Lukas Hinder looking on, the 24 breakers competing at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games raised the roof again today in the Urban Park.

B-girl Emma (CAN) & B-boy KennyG (TPE) finished at the top of the rankings following the preliminaries of the Bonnie & Clyde (2vs2 mixed-gender) battles, which featured some well-choreographed moves between the pairings of mixed nationalities, who clearly spent a great deal of time working on their routines a day earlier.

  Emma and KennyG

B-girl Lexy (ITA) & b-boy Broly (ARG) were not far behind the leaders, much to the delight of the home crowd. Afterwards, the duo was swamped by fawning fans looking for pictures together.

Asked about the difference between the 1vs1 battles and the Bonnie & Clyde competitions, judge Narumi said: “It’s very different to the 1vs1,” she said. “It was a different atmosphere today when they battled. It’s more fun and it’s great for the young breakers to connect with people from different countries. Because they are still young, they can learn not only more about dance but also about culture and personality. This experience will be good for them all for the rest of their lives.”

Also advancing to tomorrow’s Knockout Stage were Anastasia (LAT) & Shigekix (JPN), Yell (KOR) & Jordan (RSA), Ella (AUT) & Bumblebee (RUS), Ram (JPN) & B4 (VIE), Señorita Carlota (FRA) & X-Rain (CHN), and Vicky (NED) & Bad Matty (ITA).