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  • An Alternative 

    There is an alternative way to secure your place in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Why not sign up as a volunteer? The Organising Committee is recruiting volunteers aged 18 and older for a variety of tasks!

    14/12/2017 read more ...
  • 2017 PD World ShowDance STD

    Vadim Garbuzov and Kathrin Menzinger, AUT, win the title ahead of Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson, DEN, who achieve runners-up position. Third place went to Valentin Lusin - Renata Lusin, GER.

    08/12/2017 read more ...
  • 30 Breakers From 13 Countries

    The World DanceSport Federation Headquarters in Lausanne, SUI, informs the National Member Bodies in Asia and Oceania about the breakers who managed to qualify for the third and final stage of "Breaking for Gold." Is Nepal next?

    08/12/2017 read more ...
  • Hong Kong On Track

    We talked about the ten breakers who travelled from Hong Kong to Taipei City with the ambitious goal to make it past the second hurdle on their personal #YOGjourney. Well, two of them did - and that makes Cha Cha Kong happy!  

    08/12/2017 read more ...
  • CDSF Delegation At The YOG Qualifier

    It took a considerable amount of work to get the breaking team of China to Taipei City, TPE, for the YOG Qualifier held there last weekend. But according to CDSF Secretary General Jimmy Su, it was well worth the effort.  

    08/12/2017 read more ...
  • Done And Dusted!

    The third of the Continental Qualifiers is history, the contingent of athletes representing countries in Asia and Oceania at the 2018 World Youth Breaking in Kawasaki, JPN, has been announced. All results will be published today!

    05/12/2017 read more ...

DanceSport Flanders 04/05/2017

Never Miss A Chance To Dance © DV Everybody within the World DanceSport Federation knows the most traditional competitions that are staged year after year in the Belgian region of Flanders. The Diamond's Cup in Antwerp should come to mind first.

Among the patrons of this event, that very often includes WDSF World Championships, is Danssport Vlaanderen (DV), the body that governs DanceSport at the regional level. Not much more than a discrete logo appearing together with others on posters and website, one tends to assume. Another institutional sponsor, not more!

Well, looks can be deceiving: DanceSport Flanders is an organisation that can inspire, that has embraced the spirit of VISION 2012 and of 2020 VISION more than just about any federationn in direct membership to WDSF. Virtually every dance style seems to fall under the generic "Danssport" in Flemish and for Guido Goderis, the DV President. When we met him briefly at UNBREAKABLE in Antwerp, on 22 April, he outlined the strategy behind the success: simply put, it is inclusiveness.

With inclusiveness, DS arrived at 50,000 members - and total population of Flanders is just over six million. No need for a fancy website or social media hype, just a packed calendar and much variety in it: over the upcoming weekend the Flemish Street Dance Championship takes place and the seniors in Latin/Standard leave for a dancing holiday in Ostend.

In an upcoming article we will take an even closer look at DanceSport Flanders.