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DanceSport Makes Successful Return to Competition in Russia 29/09/2020


After a long hiatus due to the outbreak of COVID-19, DanceSport is finally back in Russia.

The All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll (FDSARR) is pleased to announce that it has successfully held its national championships in accordance with all requirements and regulations aimed at ensuring the health and safety of all participants.

The 2020 Russian National DanceSport Championships in Latin, Formation Latin and Formation Standard, as well as the Russian National Cup in Standard, took place from 4-6 September in Moscow.

Armen Tsaturyan and Svetlana Gudyno won their seventh Latin championship in a row. Vera Tyumen were the Formation Standard winners, with Duet Perm crowned Formation Latin champions. Alexey Glukhov and Anastasia Glazunova added another title this year, having become the national champions in Standard, Showdance Standard and also the winners of the Russian National Cup Standard. 

After hosting a successful series of DanceSport championships, the city of Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan) welcomed the FDSARR-organised 2020 Russian National Breaking Championships from 19-20 September.

Championships were held in all disciplines (b-boys, b-girls, crews 3vs3) and age groups (adult, youth, junior). More than 600 b-boys and b-girls attended the event, the youngest aged 7-10 years old.

Ivan Ososkov aka Alkolil and Nadezhda Gotlib aka Nadia were crowned the 2020 Russian National Breaking Champion b-boy and b-girl, respectively. Illusion of Action took first place in the crews 3vs3 battles.

Based on these results, the FDSARR will form the Russian National Breaking Team. National Team members will take part in training camps and be nominated to take part in international Breaking competitions.

These two big successes for the FDSARR in September have opened a new chapter for Russian DanceSport and Breaking in 2020.

Results of the 2020 Russian national Breaking championships:

B-boys Adult 1vs1

1.              Ivan Ososkov aka Alkolil

2.              Nazip Minikaev aka ZipRock

3.              Tagir Gindullin aka Cyga

4.              Artem Roy aka Beetle

B-girls Adult 1vs1

1.              Nadezhda Gotlieb aka B-girl Nadia

2.              Margarita Artemyeva aka Art

3.              Karina Shtogrina aka Karincha

4.              Alexandra Kachanova aka Vavi

Crews Adult 3vs3

1.              Illusion of Action

2.              Bumblebee, Alkolil, Jamal

3.              OBC

4.              Nadia, NordDiamond, Beetle

Crews Junior (11-15 yrs) 3vs3

1.              Breakoniers

2.              Angry Boy, Brizz, Pauk

3.              Bboy Nation

4.              Avrora b-boys

B-boys Youth (16-18 yrs) 1vs1

1.              Ruslan Gromov aka Grom

2.              Savva Ignatiev aka Native

3.              Daniel Savelyev aka Dan Fox

4.              Denis Bykov aka White Diamond

B-girls Youth (16-18 yrs) 1vs1

1.              Anastasia Mochalova aka Cash You

2.              Polina Yarovaya aka Strekoza

3.              Lilia Ryzhkova aka Lee

4.              Yaroslava Bychkova aka Yara

B-boys Junior (14-15 yrs) 1vs1

1.              Ruslan Gafiev aka Gekkon

2.              Yegor Saitov aka Brizz

3.              Timur Garayev aka Tiger

4.              Artem Kosenko aka Mashina

B-girls Junior (14-15 yrs) 1vs1

1.              Taisiya Fadeeva aka Tasya Rock

2.              Victoria Tikhonova aka Tori

3.              Veronika Nikishina aka Serpente

4.              Veronika Nasonova aka KillaVee

B-boys (7-10 yrs) 1vs1

1.              Nikita Khairulin aka Malish

2.              Mark-Nikolas Kolbasin aka Dinosaurs-Ninja

3.              Artur Velichko aka Tornado

4.              Matvey Smirnov aka Bubble Gum

B-girls (7-10 yrs) 1vs1

1.              Daryana Torgonskaya aka Torgonskaya

2.              Sofia Telenkova aka Sofa

3.              Tatiana Khmelnitskaya aka Laska

4.              Julia Kurnoskina aka Yola

B-boys (11-13 yrs) 1vs1

1.              Anton Ushakov aka Jupiter

2.              Ilya Khorokhordin aka Elastic

3.              Andrew Finch aka Chizh

4.              Boris Kuleshov aka Boris

B-girls (11-13 yrs) 1vs1

1.              Maria Kostina aka Masha Uragan

2.              Polina Zhukova aka Posya Rock

3.              Amelia Tokmakova aka Amelia

4.              Veronika Chirtsova aka Nika