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  • Being young and talented - what a joy!

    World Championship Under 21 Std from Timisoara on Saturday 20th Oct!

    17/10/2018 read more ...
  • World Senior I have their turn in Miami, USA

    The championship will be part of the American DanceSport Festival, in a beautiful location in Miami, FL where also WRRC Main Class competitions wil be held.

    12/10/2018 read more ...

    B-girl RAM (JPN) and B-Boy B4 (VIE) battled through the gold medal at the youth olympic games in the breaking mixed team battles.

    12/10/2018 read more ...
  • IOC President enjoying dancesport at the youth olympic games

    Fantastic mixed team battles competitions at the Urban Park in Buenos Aires for the 3rd day of Breaking Competitions. 

    11/10/2018 read more ...
  • First Youth Olympic Champions in Dancesport

    “I’m just happy when I’m dancing - it’s a happy thing,”

    09/10/2018 read more ...
  • WDSF's Olympic debut an unmitigated success

    What an amazing 1st day of Breaking competitions at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires (ARG).

    08/10/2018 read more ...

Debrecen Debriefs 09/06/2018

2018 European Latin Judges © Roland Hendrik Nelson, a "loyal member" (supposedly of WDSF) whose identity cannot be verified, writes in a recent message that went out to probably thousands of recipients and is now in the public domain: "Many judges and members say it is wasting time and money of WDSF to have the debriefing."

Holger Nietsche, an adjudicator at the recent 2018 European Latin says at the end of his debrief with Cor van der Stroet: "I actually think that this debriefing is a wonderful thing because I think that in any kind of sport - as you see in football, where there is a press conference straight after the game, and everybody has to give an opinion - this is what people want. This is what couples want. I think if couples would get more of these opinions, they would believe more in the system ..."

WDSF owes it to those adjudicators who have collaborated with the chair of the Adjudicators' Commission and the CCM Task Force by participating in these sessions to have all their recordings on this website. Here are Holger Nietsche, Clara Lamar and Martin Odstrcil. Sorry, Hendrik!

QxjvLsRu5jo|2018 European LAT Adjudicators' Debrief | Holger Nitsche
n-kMa5iUprs|2018 European LAT Adjudicators' Debrief | Clara Lamar
UUOHrrcUmZE|2018 European LAT Adjudicators' Debrief | Martin Odstrcil