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  • WDSF Presidium took place this weekend in Belgrade.

    During the meeting the Presidium received an update about the Anti-Doping matters from Herbert Waller, WDSF AD Commission.

    17/02/2020 read more ...
  • 2020 WDSF World Senior 1 Standard - Antwerp, BEL

    106 couples started in Antwerp at the 2020 World Senior 1 Standard.    Vorobiev - Skripnik from Russian Federation won the title ...

    07/02/2020 read more ...
  • First WDSF World Smooth Adult in Atlanta, USA

    Kristers Smits - Elizabeth Shlimovich from USA win the first WDSF World Championship Smooth Adult in Atlanta, USA on February 1st.

    06/02/2020 read more ...
  • Grand Slam Series 2020; soon behind the corner!

    Sport Commission reminds all Grand Slam competitors about the qualifying rules. The inaugural leg of 2020 will be in Bucharest, Romania on 28th -29th  March. Glam and glory of the best standard and latin dancers!

    01/02/2020 read more ...
  • The World Games Athlete of the Year 2019 race has come to its end!

    Thank you for all who voted! The fight between the places from 4th to 6th was very tight! Armen and Svetlana had great supporters  – and by that they left many fantastic athletes and sport disciplines behind.

    31/01/2020 read more ...
  • Athletes Commission vote for Oceanic Representative

    The Athletes Commission of the WDSF holds its election to vote for the Oceanic representative in the WDSF Athletes Commission as per 1 March 2020.

    28/01/2020 read more ...

Electing the Oceanic representative 28/01/2020

Oceanic Representative We are happy to announce that the Athletes Commission is having an election for a new representative, as successor of Antonio Micheli, our Oceanic representative. We have two candidates for this position and they are (in alphabetical order of surname):

    Brodie Barden; and
    Sheldon Gilbert.

Short resume Brody Barden, candidate Oceanic representative WDSF Athletes Commission

I present myself to become a member of the athletes commission for the oceanic region as I wish to create a stronger relationship between Oceania and the rest of the world. If elected I hope to encourage more participation from the oceanic members and for greater incentive for the rest of the world to visit the region. Having been an active competitor in WDSF for over a decade I hope to represent all athletes’ best interests. As a fun, hard working and approachable person I hope to be someone that athletes can come to and express their concerns and ideas. I would very appreciate your vote to represent the athletes in the best way possible.

Short resume Sheldon Gilbert, candidate Oceanic representative WDSF Athletes Commission

My name is Sheldon Gilbert and I am a WDSF Adult athlete based is Melbourne, Australia. My partner and I compete both nationally and internationally, forging relationships with competitors and promoting participation in events across the region.
My residence and extensive participation in the regional competitions enable me to be well suited to represent the oceanic region as I have a deep understanding of my fellow competitors and their particular needs.
The Oceanic representative position would provide me with the opportunity to further develop and refine the sport that we love.

We will be conducting an electronic election from 28 January 2020 up to and including 4 February 2020 12:00 hours (CET time).

As the WDSF is a body that is governed by Swiss law, all athletes who are 18 years of age or over are allowed to vote in this election, providing they are registered as an WDSF Athlete in the Oceanic region

Should you have any questions about the voting process, please do let us know. All rules for the voting process are on the voting form. Please read them through thoroughly before voting.

We are looking forward to many votes for these excellent two candidates.

Thank you!
The WDSF Athletes Commission

Ashli Williamson - Chair / European Rep.
René Ewals - Secretary / Senior Rep.
Anton Belyayev - Americas Rep.
Rikako Ota - Asian Rep.
Justyna Możdżonek - Youth Rep.
Sean Smullen - PD Rep.
Monica Korf - African Rep.

Download the voting form.