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  • Record Numbers Attend Online Adjudicators' Congress

    First congress since the pandemic welcomes 483 participants from 57 countries.

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  • The competition calendar saw some daylight

    Traditional Star Cup 2021 was held in Baricella, Italy, under strict regulations 

    21/02/2021 read more ...
  • Hall of Fame to Celebrate Century of DanceSport

    Inductees to include dancers, coaches, volunteers, event organisers and other DanceSport pioneers.

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  • WDSF Partners with Red Bull to Develop Breaking

    'Breaking for Gold World Tour' part of the 4-year collaboration agreement

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  • Welcome to WDSF Online Congress! Everyone┬┤s invited!

    Registration is now open to the first online congress, taking place in February

    02/02/2021 read more ...
  • congratulations to the winner, congratulations to dancesport!

    Nicol David of Squash took the title with clear numbers.

    01/02/2021 read more ...

Gabriele and Anna 9th in the race of TWG Greatest Athlete of All Time! 01/02/2021

 Congratulations to DanceSport, congratulations to our Champions, Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus!

The final days of the race were tight as our athletes were changing their position from the 7th to the 9th. Some evenings the race was so even, that we could follow how DanceSport and Gymnastics were changing places minute after minute!

At the end Gabriele and Anna collected 65146 votes, which was only 282 votes from the the 8th place (Paola Longoria, MEX / Racquetball).

The winner was with clear numbers Nicol David (MAS), multi-time Champion and TWG winner of Squash. Nicol was leading the race from the early stages. Her gap to the runner-up was clear, more than 200000 votes.

As Gabriele and Anna said in their live IG interview last Friday, this voting wasn´t only for them as nominated athletes, but also for DanceSport as such. Thank you for all of you who voted for DanceSport and kept the race exciting till the end!

Congratulations to the winner and to all participants – everyone known as one of the legends in their own sport. One more time – cheers to Gabriele and Anna!


Here is the final standing:

1. Nicol David (MAS) / Squash                                                               318943
2. James Kehoe (IRL) / Tug of War                                                        113120
3. Larysa Soloviova (UKR) / Powerlifting                                                 80790
4. Marcel Hassemeier (GER) / Life Saving                                                79760
5. Sofia Olofsson (SWE) / Muaythai                                                         68912
6. Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) / Gymnastics                                                 66421
7. Fabriana Arias (COL) / Roller Sports                                                    65622
8. Paola Longoria (MEX) / Racquetball                                                     65428
9. Gabrielle Goffredo & Anna Matus (MDA) / DanceSport                          65146
10.Batyr Altyev (RUS) / Sumo                                                                  64735

Semifinalists in order:

Henri Lacroix (FRA)/ Boules Sports
Iuliia Kaplina (RUS)/ Sport Climbing
Women´s Beach Handball Team(BRA) / Handball
Denes Kanyo (HUN) / Underwater Sports
Beau Kittredge (USA) / Flying Disc
Patrice Martin (FRA) / Waterski – Wakeboard
Morgan Lundin (SWE) / Archery
Martin Weiss (AUT) / Fistball
Women´s Canoe Polo Team (GER) / Canoe
Leon Simmons (NED) / Korfball
Matthias Hoffbauer (SUI) / Floorball
Matthias Kyburz (SUI) / Orienteering
Rob Haans (NED) / Ju-jitsu
Alyssa Murray (USA) / Lacrosse