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  • Signing Off From Kawasaki

    This blog gets archived. It was a memorable World Championship that took place in Kawasaki, JPN, on Sunday 20 May. Other World Championships were held in other places, just as memorable. We were ready for them too!

    24/05/2018 read more ...
  • Another Blog Coming Up

    The next will be a busy weekend too, with World Championships around the world: the World Youth Breaking in Kawasaki, JPN, World U-21 STD in Tbilisi, GEO, World SEN II and III STD in Olomouc, CZE, Boogie Woogie in Moscow, RUS.

    17/05/2018 read more ...
  • Calling on 58 B-Boys And 29 B-Girls

    With the 2018 World Youth Breaking around the corner, WDSF calls on all the qualified participants to fill in a short questionnaire. Answers to a few simple questions will help the media to tell their story on the 87 dancers in Japan.

    16/05/2018 read more ...
  • Vimeo On Demand

    The Vimeo on Demand programme with extensive coverage on the recent 2018 European Latin in Debrecen, HUN, will become available from Friday 18 May. Pre-order now: 3.75 US$ for a six-month streaming period.

    16/05/2018 read more ...
  • Wow, What A Weekend

    The next few days, from Friday 11 through Sunday 13 May, will be packed with great DanceSport coming your way. Tomorrow it's the pre-screening of another documentary, Saturday the European LAT and Sunday the European Cup STD.

    10/05/2018 read more ...
  • Back On Air In America

    After it successfully did so in 2016, American Public Television distributes the 6-part "World DanceSport GrandSlam Series" to public broadcasting stations across the USA. The first episode was fed on 7 May. There are five more to go! 

    08/05/2018 read more ...

Live on DST 10/05/2018

Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova, RUS © Roland

The one coming up will be an exceptional weekend, with two top events scheduled to be broadcast live on Saturday and Sunday. The pre-screening of the "We dance TOGETHER" documentary tomorrow evening should now be confirmed to take place at the HOTEL LYCIUM at 19:00 local time. It's about the only thing that will not be available for viewing on DST or here. The documentary by the award-winning director Pedro Toro will have its online premiere on the Olympic Channel in June.

What you will get to watch ONLINE on Saturday is the 2018 European Championship Latin. It will be danced at the FÅ‘nix Hall, an arena with a capacity of almost 6,000 people. The webcast will be carried LIVE on the new WDSF streaming platform A blog will go up tomorrow, providing you with more detailed information on the schedule. What will be shown are the deceisive stages, from quarterfinal through to the final. Prior to that, we will upload clips of the earlier rounds to our YouTube channel.

On Sunday, we will have a broadcast scheduled from the Salaspils Open in Latvia. It's all happening right here: stay tuned!

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