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  • Coming Soon

    The release of the Video on Demand programme covering the decisive stages of the 2017 GrandSlam Latin Stuttgart is scheduled for Friday 18 August. More than two hours will show you all the action from the quarterfinal to the final.

    17/08/2017 read more ...
  • Coming Soon

    Over the course of today the "Live from Stuttgart" blog goes up and, hopefully, the outcome of the "Breaking for Gold" Stage One gets published. The German Open Championships are going into day three: GrandSlam Latin Round One!

    10/08/2017 read more ...
  • Breaking For Gold: Results

    The panel of judges has been working hard over the past few days to assess the videos submitted by some 900 breakers from roughly 80 countries. The process is coming to an end. Expect the results during the day tomorrow!

    08/08/2017 read more ...
  • Two Glorious Summer Days

    The tenth edition of The World Games is history. A look back at what happened on 28 and 29 July confirms that DanceSport has lived up to high expectations once more, filling the venue and creating a special atmosphere.

    08/08/2017 read more ...
  • PD Athletes' meeting

    The PD representative of the WDSF Athletes' Commission welcomes all dancers of the Professional Division to a meeting during the German Open Championships in Stuttgart. Be there to share your ideas!

    02/08/2017 read more ...
  • GrandSlam Standard Hong Kong

    You definitely don't want to miss this Vimeo on Demand programme: the 2017 GrandSlam Standard Hong Kong is available. Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova, RUS, made it once more to first - and with a score of 198.25 points.

    21/07/2017 read more ...

Moving To Stage Two 08/08/2017

B-Boy Benz and Nosher Crew, VIE It has been an intense week that followed an even more intense day. On Monday 31 July - very close to the end of the day as per UTC - the uploading of videos was brought to an abrupt halt ... "We are experiencing technical challenges on," was the word that went out through the social media. "Send your video to!"

These challenges were later explained by our tech partners: "The reason we had issues is that the platform went from 200 requests per minute to over 1000 requests per minute within 5 minutes. The system is set to autoscale, however it took a while to scale out the servers for such a demand." With everybody procrastinating until the deadline for submission was only minutes away, this was bound to happen.

It took a few more days than scheduled to round up all the submissions from where the last-second entrants had sent or uploaded them in their despair. This, in turn, delayed the handover of the videos to the ten judges. But in the end it all worked out and the people doing the scrutiny have just announced that the results should be online sometime during the day tomorrow - 9 August - on

B-Boy Benz (pictured above with his crew) will find out whether he will move on to Stage Two of "Breaking for Gold" or not. He is from Vietnam, the Continental Qualifier he would be assigned to takes places in Taipei, TPE, on 2 December.

I'm B-Boy Benz (Nosher Crew) from Hoi An, Vietnam. Breaking is my passion and I really want to join worldwide breaking events to represent Vietnam and battle with other b-boys all around the world. Breaking For Gold is my chance, so check it out!

5niZeB7Kaw4|BBoy Benz - Nosher Crew - Hoi An - Viet Nam