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  • Senior II Ten DAnce World Title to Spain

    Tirana (ALB) hosted the World Championship, Vila do Conde (POR) and Osaka (JPN) hosted WDSF PD Open events, and there were also three other locations offering the beauty of DanceSport to the locals, and a competition setting for the couples.

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  • 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior II Ten Dance

    This weekend DanceSport brings light to six locations in Europe and in Asia. The cherry on the cake will be the World Championship Senior II Ten Dance in Tirana (ALB).

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  • Live from Nanjing

    The Olympic Channel will stream the action starting from the Round Robin stage. All the battles will be saved on the WDSF DanceSport YouTube Channel.

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  • First Vice-President appointed

    The WDSF Presidium appointed WDSF Vice-President for Finance, Mr. Tony Tilenni (AUS) to fill the vacant position of the office of the First Vice-President. Mr Guillaume Felli was appointed for the position of the WDSF General Secretary.

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  • Member bodies of the WDSF have met in Budapest

    WDSF President, WDSF Vice President for Sports, WDSF Disciplinary Council, and WDSF Ethics Committee were elected during the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

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  • New Champions

    The 2019 WDSF European Championship Ten Dance and the 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior II Latin took place in Kosice (SVK). The 2019 WDSF PD World Championship Master Class I Standard and Latin completed the Championship Event.

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Mr Jeffrey van Meerkerk proposed the approval of the Presidium´s work for the past 12 months 09/06/2019

Mr. Jeffrey van Meerkerk (NED)

Mr Jeffrey van Meerkerk (NED) proposed a motion to approve the WDSF Presidium´s work for the past year. Mr Van Meerkerk reminded the delegates the following:

Presidium transition was accelerated in Lausanne last year to administer our international federation in a new governance structure for an inclusive DanceSport community that expects a clear, correct effective sporting system that will operate every day, which is fair to the athletes and lets them take part in competitions with the same rules and the same standards in every country.

By the way, Ladies and Gentlemen, in my opinion it is that kind of work and that kind of sensible, clear transparent system that provides A TRUE “FREEDOM TO DANCE”!

We do not see them at work often, but we can tell that our Presidium has done this hard, time-consuming work to maintain and develop the WDSF sporting system around the world.

The Presidium changed as was promised last year in Lausanne, peacefully and cooperatively, and also met the other challenges of the past twelve months calmly, with courage and fairness toward all, according to the clear principles that the WDSF Annual General Meeting has approved many times.  

This weekend has confirmed for me again that WDSF is strongly led by our Presidium with dedication to our sport and to each of our countries.”

The motion carried unanimously giving the full support of the National Member Bodies to the WDSF Presidium.