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  • Ayumi, Victor crowned 2021 World Champions in Paris

    Fantastic day of 1vs1 battles featured 204 Breakers from over 50 countries

    05/12/2021 read more ...
  • WDSF launches WADA-Supported "Dance Clean" programme

    Dance Clean is a long-term anti-doping education programmewhose first phase is expected to conclude by 2024.

    04/12/2021 read more ...
  • Cancellation World Championship Formation STD

    After receiving this sad news the organiser directly informed all registered Formation teams and their trainers about the cancellation of the World Championship.

    02/12/2021 read more ...
  • Paris set to Host 2021 World Breaking Championship

    The biggest event of 2021 will see some 200 Breakers competing in 1vs1 battles

    02/12/2021 read more ...
  • Busy weekends in WDSF DanceSport continue

    New World Ten Dance Champions were crowned just a week ago in Poland, and more World titles are up for grabs this weekend.

    01/12/2021 read more ...
  • 2021 WDSF European Championship U21 Hip Hop

    WDSF wants to congratulate all the prize winners and wants to thank the organising team for running a successful first Hip Hop Championship.

    16/11/2021 read more ...

Report from WDSF Championships in Cagliari 02/11/2021

Moreno Carnelli and Michela Saggiorato in Cagliari Impressing the crowd with their ​outstanding performance, Marius-Andrei Balan and Khrystyna Moshenska from Germany convincingly triumphed and ​were named the WDSF European Latin Champions, last week in Cagliari, Italy.

“First of all, we are very satisfied with our performance and we are very happy with the results!”​, exclaimed Marius exuberantly.

Although the organizer of the competition had little time to organize and promote the 2021 WDSF European Championship Latin Adult, the WDSF World Championship Senior III and IV Standard, and the WDSF PD Championship Ten Dance as part of the Sardinia Dance week (21-24th October), the event was organized at ​an excellent level.

Despite the ​difficulties accompanying the COVID​-19 crisis, ​the sheer number of couples who took part in both European and World Championships​ is testament to the resilience and passion of the athletes.

Thanks to the beautiful region of Sardinia, the Cagliari community and with the support of FIDS, the marketing company DAO Spa efficiently organized the exciting event.
In accordance with all prevention measures in the country, the organizer made outdoor locker rooms in the form of tents, thus giving the impression of a small Olympic village.

In general, ​the WDSF received numerous positive feedback, as confirmed by the athletes themselves.

Marius​, winner of the 2021 European Latin, also shared ​his and Khrystyna's experience during the event.

“… What I can tell is just that the competition hall was looking fantastic, even though what we could see is not a very modern hall probably, but, the way it was done and prepared regarding the lights, regarding the setup/the setting, it was fantastic.

The second thing, the floor was the best floor I ever danced. I prepared my shoes before the first dance and never again. The first time in my life! So, I brushed my shoes before the first Samba and after I danced l​ike this ​for 5 rounds. So this was fantastic.

Regarding the time schedule, it was for me really perfect that I had so many breaks in between, I like it.

On top of that, the lounge outside, the way the organizer did it for us, the couples, with the food, with the transfers, everything was on time, that was perfect.

We are happy with the experience we had there, really, really happy and overall - 9.5 out of 10, for sure. It was just a great event …”

Champions of the 2021 World Championship Senior III Standard, Moreno Carnelli and Michela Saggiorato​ commented,

“​There was an excellent organization of the welcome, hospitality, transfer, check-in for athletes. All ​the people ​who hosted us were really kind and we must be thankful to the organizers.

​The organizer arranged a comfortable relaxation area set up outside with changing rooms, hairdressers and bar with lounge and tables.
The environment of the competition was fantastic, lights, floor, music, podium for the awards and prize presentation, everything was really nice.
The final consideration is that the sport hall has not enough space “indoor” to host so many couples but organizers and WDSF did a great job to give the couples the highest competition quality.”

The WDSF is pleased to learn the event was perceived by athletes from all over the world as truly world-class, and wants to thank the organizers for ensuring the event was organized in systematic compliance with the ​state's COVID​-19 rules such as a ​"green pass" control, signing of COVID​-19 documentation and temperature measurement.