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    The four-times European and five-times World Standard Champions dominated the WDSF Sport Series Games Qualifier in La Nucía, Spain.

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The WDSF The World Games’ Qualification System 08/04/2021

Wroclaw, POL - 27 July © Roland Dear Athletes, Officials and NMBs’ representatives, 

In recent communication on March 25th, the release of the relevant information regarding the WDSF World Games’ Qualifications System was mentioned and here we are. As you already know, The World Games were rescheduled to July 7-17, 2022 because of Covid-19 crisis. WDSF Sports Department adjusted accordingly the WDSF World Games’ Qualification System to both: the Covid-19 and the new dates.

              For more than one year our WDSF Competition System suffered a huge setback. It is time to Restart and to give our athletes and officials a glimpse of hope by having an opportunity to take part in the exciting WDSF World Games’ Qualification System and in The World Games itself of course.

For our NMBs to have a fair chance to promote their athletes by organizing specifically tailored national WDSF events with conditions that are adjusted to the unprecedented crisis we are living in right now. 

Equity principle was used to prize those NMBs who constantly make their effort in organizing WDSF competitions and encouraging athletes to compete under the WDSF license. Equality of opportunity is also foreseen, meaning that all countries with WDSF Athletes licenses will have an opportunity to take part in the WDSF World Games’ Qualifications System. 

Taking into account all previously mentioned reasons, the Two Levels Qualification System is designed. The first level will be the National one using the National Ranking List as a basis and at least one WDSF Competition. The second will be the International/Continental one where specific quotas to each country will be established according to their equity and the equality of opportunity principle.

And finally, the best 23 couples in each discipline will be selected to participate in The World Games in Birmingham, USA. To be Games Ready in STD and LAT disciplines, we will take good care of each detail of the WDSF World Games’ Qualification System and the World Games itself despite the unprecedented challenges.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

For the WDSF TWG Qualification System - General information, please click here.

For the WDSF TWG Qualification System - Explanation with quotas, please click here.


Nenad Jeftic

WDSF Vice-President for Sports