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  • Olympic Games ticketing is now open

    Paris 2024 is opening up the Games wide open and is inviting spectators from all walks of life

    02/12/2022 read more ...
  • The Phryges are here!

    They are the official mascots of the Paris 2024 Olympic Summer Games.

    27/11/2022 read more ...
  • France and Netherlands win Gold at European Breaking Championships 2022

    B-Boy Dany Dann (FR) and B-Girl India (NE) claimed Gold at the European Breaking Championships held on November 5-6 in Manchester, UK

    21/11/2022 read more ...
  • WDSF Reinforces Breaking event management team

    With qualifying for Breaking at the Olympic Games Paris 2024 now under way, we have significantly strengthened our Breaking event management team with a number of strategic appointments confirmed.

    17/11/2022 read more ...
  • Important information regarding Breaking's Road to Paris 2024

    The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) wishes to draw attention to three important documents concerning Breaking’s road to the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

    16/11/2022 read more ...
  • Solidarity, Progress underscore WDSF Extraordinary General Meeting

    An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the World DanceSport Federation was held on 30 October 2022 to consider a number of matters of importance to our sport, including eight separate motions that were put to vote.

    03/11/2022 read more ...

WDSF Adjudicator Congress in Brno, Czech Republic 01/11/2022

WDSF Adjudicator Congress in Brno, Czech Republic

Reunited in Brno, CZE, where over 70 national and international adjudicators joined the WDSF DanceSport Academy Congress on 31st October.

Already for the 20th time the Odstrcil family organized the successful WDSF Brno Open competitions. Like last year, the WDSF DanceSport Academy decided to host another live congress in Brno following this well organised DanceSport competition.  Over 70 national and international WDSF adjudicators decided to attend this congress live and learned from expert teachers and WDSF officials Mr. Petr Horacek and Mr. Lasse Odegaard. The subject of this WDSF Adjudicator Congress was two folded. Lecturer Petr Horacek shared his insights on the Analysis of Judging Criteria for Standard and Latin ShowDance. During his lectures Petr was assisted by the current WDSF European Standard ShowDance Champions Matej Stec and Elena Popova (SVK). They demonstrated clearly a variety of lifts, with different complexities, moving into a regular Standard Dance technical performance. In addition Petr also used a range of videos from various Standard and Latin ShowDance performances outlining the Technical Qualities and Unique Artistic Performances & Interpretations of the couples, making it very clear how to assess the ShowDance performances and award scores.

WDSF Adjudicator Congress in Brno, Czech Republic Lecturer Lasse Odegaard touched upon two components of WDSF’s Absolute Judging System 3.0: Technical Qualities (TQ) and Movement to Music (MM) in Standard Dances. With his unique style Lasse shared his expert knowledge how to assess the performance of a couple through a Soft and Hard Eye. Lasse started explaining the physical body structure, following with the “breathing posture”, Balance in the couple, Body flight to create movement of the couple, and Swing and Sway. The second part of his lecture was all about Movement to Music in which he touched upon the different levels of using the music in the body, starting with Beat, Flow, Rhythm, Melody and Musicality. And ofcourse how to assess this as a judge.  As always too short!

Lasse was assisted in his lecture by David Odstrcil and Tara Bohak (CZE) who are the current WDSF World Professional 10 Dance Champions.

WDSF Academy wants to thank Mr. Petr Odstrcil for accommodating this congress, both lecturers Petr Horacek and Lasse Odegaard for sharing their expert knowledge, as well as Matej & Elena and David & Tara for their great assistance, and ofcourse all adjudicators who attended the congress