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  • B-Girl Nicka, B-Boy Victor earn World Titles, book tickets to Paris 2024

    Leuven welcomed the Breakers with open arms and an inspiring atmosphere, setting the perfect tone for an unforgettable competition.

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  • Meet ITA Educator Derek Ryan at the WDSF World Breaking Championship!

    Get ready for an engaging experience where all your questions on anti-doping will be answered!

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  • The 100th Anniversary of Czechoslovak Dance Sport Was Celebrated in Bratislava

    The anniversary was celebrated in an equally unique way: with a modern multigenre exhibition “100 Years of Dancesport”.

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  • Tragic Earthquake in Morocco

    The WDSF DanceSport Community mourns the victims of the deadly September 8th earthquake in Morocco.

    10/09/2023 read more ...
  • Communication from WDSF Vice President for Sports, Nenad Jeftic

    Only WDSF means IOC Participation for Athletes and Members 

    02/09/2023 read more ...
  • Benefits for the Rising Stars Couples

    We would like to provide further clarity about the provision of benefits to our Rising Stars couples.

    20/08/2023 read more ...

WDSF Presidium Operating Policy Individual Neutral Athletes and Officials 13/08/2023

On  August 11, 2023, the World DanceSport Federation‘s Presidium approved a new Operating Policy to regulate the conditions for participation of Individual Neutral Athletes, Support Personnel, and Officials with Russian or Belarusian sporting nationality in WDSF competitions, consistent with the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) recommendations.

The process began on March 28th when the IOC's Executive Board released recommendations concerning the participation of athletes and officials in international sport competitions governed by International Federations and event organisers. Coupled with a decision made by the WDSF Presidium on June 8, 2023, to support the IOC’s Executive Board recommendations.

The Operating Policy,was developed by the WDSF Legal Commission, Sports Department, and General Secretary offices in coordination with IOC. It ensures structured adherence to the IOC's guidelines, providing a detailed framework for Individual Neutral Athletes, Support Personnel, and Officials with Russian or Belarusian sporting nationality to return to WDSF events.

WDSF President, Shawn Tay, commented on today's decision:

“This policy is aligned with the recommendations set out by the IOC and illustrates our commitment to a structured return of Individual Neutral Athletes and Officials to WDSF Competitions. I extend my thanks to all members of the Presidium for their support in this initiative."

To uphold the principles and values of sportsmanship without discrimination, the WDSF Presidium has devoted significant efforts to navigate the challenges brought about by the geopolitical situation and war in Ukraine. Our aim is to preserve the safety, integrity, and spirit of friendship within the sport.

The WDSF’s approval of this policy is consistent with the organisation's commitment to a structured environment for all athletes, support personnel, and officials.

WDSF Operating Policy on Individual Neutral Athletes and Officials August 11, 2023

IOC recommendation March 28, 2023

WDSF decision to support the IOC recommendations June 8, 2023