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  • Ayumi, Victor crowned 2021 World Champions in Paris

    Fantastic day of 1vs1 battles featured 204 Breakers from over 50 countries

    05/12/2021 read more ...
  • WDSF launches WADA-Supported "Dance Clean" programme

    Dance Clean is a long-term anti-doping education programmewhose first phase is expected to conclude by 2024.

    04/12/2021 read more ...
  • Cancellation World Championship Formation STD

    After receiving this sad news the organiser directly informed all registered Formation teams and their trainers about the cancellation of the World Championship.

    02/12/2021 read more ...
  • Paris set to Host 2021 World Breaking Championship

    The biggest event of 2021 will see some 200 Breakers competing in 1vs1 battles

    02/12/2021 read more ...
  • Busy weekends in WDSF DanceSport continue

    New World Ten Dance Champions were crowned just a week ago in Poland, and more World titles are up for grabs this weekend.

    01/12/2021 read more ...
  • 2021 WDSF European Championship U21 Hip Hop

    WDSF wants to congratulate all the prize winners and wants to thank the organising team for running a successful first Hip Hop Championship.

    16/11/2021 read more ...

WDSF Sardinia Dancing Week is about to start! 21/10/2021

Sardinia Dancing Week 2021 WDSF is delighted to announce the start of a new collaboration between WDSF and DAO SPA Company on a joint project. The discussions on this cooperation started as early as 3 years ago but the proposed format of the cooperation was delayed during the last 2 years. As the situation continues to improve with the easing of travel restrictions, the project team is now able to start their first collaboration in the form of WDSF Sardinia Dancing Week which includes the following 4 WDSF Championships:

  • 2021 WDSF World Championship PD 10 Dance on Thursday 21 October
  • 2021 WDSF World Championship Senior IV Standard on Friday 22 October
  • 2021 WDSF European Championship Latin on Saturday 23 October
  • 2021 WDSF World Championship Senior III Standard.

This project has been overseen by Mr. Vasile GLIGA, WDSF Vice President for Marketing and Mr. Antony CZYZYK, Vice President for Development who worked with the VP Sports, Mr Nenad Jeftic from the WDSF Managing Committee. The Italian DanceSport Federation (FID’s), the WDSF Member body in Italy has provided the required support and cooperation with the DAO SPA Company to ensure a hugely successful start for all these events.

Over 500 couples from 40 different nations have registered for these championships. It will undoubtedly be an exciting weekend for many of our athletes who will compete against each other at the WDSF Sardinia Dancing Week which are taking place in the beautiful city of Cagliari (Italy) from 21 -24 October 2021.

Early in 2021, the WDSF and DAO SPA Company reached an Agreement to conduct these events with the agreement of the WDSF Presidium, and the DAO SPA Company concluded negotiations with Eurosport to televise these events. DAO SPA Company agreed to invest in the promotion of the WDSF Sardinia Dancing Week, and they wish to make future investments in DanceSport as a whole. WDSF looks forward to negotiating an agreement with DAO SPA Company as to how they can invest in DanceSport as a whole.

This unique partnership, with DAO SPA COMPANY can make the WDSF Sardinia Dancing Week one of our premier WDSF promotions used to help support the development of DanceSport worldwide.

For more information and insights on the program to the Sardinia Dancing Week website.