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  • Breathtaking battle for the World U21 Standard title

    The World title didn’t come easy for Alexey Bessonov – Sarah Sofie Barjabin (EST) who pushed their competitors and themselves to the next level in pursuit for the trophy.

    23/11/2023 read more ...
  • World Title for Modebadze-Tsikhelashvili (GEO)

    The 2023 WDSF World Championship Show Dance Latin in Dresden (GER) offered twelve different and beautiful Show Dance Latin numbers. But there could be only one winner.

    22/11/2023 read more ...
  • Dream came true for Williamson – Myshko (UKR)

    Earle Williamson – Veronika Myshko (UKR) are the new WDSF World Ten Dance Champions.

    18/11/2023 read more ...
  • Impressive Turnout at the First WDSF World Championships Solo Latin in Calvia, Spain

    The WDSF Sports Department is actively promoting various new choreographic styles, including categories such as Duo and Synchro, expanding the horizons beyond the traditional pillars of Standard and Latin dances, which predominantly focus on couple dancing and partner choreography.

    15/11/2023 read more ...
  • Celebrating the Success of the World Disco Dance Championship in Bruges

    The World DanceSport Federation, is proud to celebrate the success of the 2023 WDSF World Championships in Disco Dance Discipline held in the historic and picturesque city of Bruges.

    15/11/2023 read more ...
  • Balan – Moshenska (GER) to gain the 2023 World Latin Title

    Fully packed venue at Sibiu (ROU) witnessed their own son achieving the 3rd consecutive World Latin title.

    08/11/2023 read more ...

Epic Breaking Event and Packed Venue at Pan-American Games 05/11/2023

On November 3-4, 2023, the world of Breaking experienced a historical milestone as Breaking debuted at the Pan-American Games for the first time. The venue of about 2000 people was packed from Day 1 as tickets were rapidly sold in just two days, and the stage in Santiago, Chile, was set for an exhilarating experience.

Pan-American Games 2023 From the moment the MCs took the stage with their infectious energy, the crowd was already pumped for the Breaking competition. The audience roared with enthusiasm throughout the event as they passionately cheered on their favourite athletes among the impressive 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls representing 10 Pan-American countries.

Pan-American Games 2023 The enthusiastic audience eagerly anticipating the final battles with hosts, MG (Slovakia) and Pita Star (Chile).

Pan-American Games 2023 The first day of Breaking action saw an exhilarating display of skills as athletes from across the continent faced off in the Round Robin format. The audience was especially pumped on Day 2, with the energy in the stadium reaching its peak during the final battles for Bronze and Gold.

Pan-American Games 2023 The Pan-American Games appeared like a rematch of the Pan-American Championships in the B-Girls’ Battle for Gold, where B-Girl Luma (Colombia) took the gold medal at the latter. This time at the Games, B-Girl Sunny (USA) was victorious, earning a direct entry to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The bronze medal was earned by B-Girl La Vix (USA).

Pan-American Games 2023 The Battle for Gold in the B-Boy category was equally intense, with B-Boy Jeffro (USA) earning the silver medal, B-Boy Matita (CHI) winning the bronze, and B-Boy Phil Wizard (CAN) winning the coveted gold medal and direct qualification to the Olympics. Additionally, two athletes (1 B-Boy and 1 B-Girl) secured their berths to the Olympic Qualifier Series to be held in Shanghai and Budapest in 2024, with the names to be confirmed by World DanceSport Federation.

“I’ve dreamed of being at the Olympics since I was a baby, so it’s finally a dream come true… I’m really honored to be the first American B-Girl to qualify for the Olympics and it’s literally a dream come true to me so I’m really looking forward to Paris 2024. So, thank you to everyone who made this happen!”

B-Girl Sunny, USA

“I’m very excited and happy about this opportunity… I get to go to Paris for the Olympic Games. We had a great time at Santiago Chile… Amazing hospitality, amazing organization. I’m very proud to be here. Thank you for this opportunity!”

B-Boy Phil Wizard, CAN

With the conclusion of direct entries to the Olympic Games, the last chance for qualification for the Olympic Qualifier Series will be the Breaking for Gold World Series Hong Kong on 14-15 December 2023.

Pan-American Games 2023 WDSF Officials at the Pan-American Games Breaking. Photos by Alan Chi.

The Santiago 2023 Organizing Committee is commended for their meticulous attention to every aspect of the Breaking competition. Under the leadership of Pan Am Sports President and IOC Member, Mr. Neven Ilic Álvarez, the integration of Breaking into the Pan Am Games added a youthful, urban, and artistic vitality into the Games—mirroring the innovative spirit anticipated for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Pan Am Sports director, Ms. Andrea Carvajal, in partnership with the Santiago 2023 leadership, has diligently ensured that all requirements are met, thereby facilitating a seamless experience for all involved.

“It is a pleasure to see Breaking so warmly welcomed into the Pan-American Games. The energy of the crowd and audience reception certainly exceeded expectations, as did the impressive performances of the B-Boys and B-Girls,” remarked Mr. Shawn Tay, WDSF President.

“Breaking has really come a long way and we are eager to continue showcasing its brilliant athleticism and artistry to a global audience at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.”