Alessandra Valeri

General information

Member Id number (MIN)
Member of
Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva

Adjudicator "A"

Status: Active
Division: General
Disciplines: Latin, Standard, Judging System 2.0, Absolute Judging System
Issued on: 01 April 2006
Education expires on :14 March 2023

Adjudicator (PD)

Status: Active
Division: Professional
Disciplines: Latin, Standard
Issued on: 21 December 2012
Education expires on :14 March 2023

Competition history

Task Date Event Competitions Location
Adjudicator 13 - 14 October 2019 WDSF Open Latin Youth   Standard Under 21   Chisinau, Moldova
Adjudicator 14 October 2019 WDSF European Championship Standard Youth   Chisinau , Moldova
Adjudicator 13 October 2019 PD European Championship Standard Adult   Chisinau, Moldova
Adjudicator 20 - 21 July 2019 WDSF Open Standard Rising Stars   Latin Rising Stars   Da Lian, People's Republic of China
Adjudicator 21 July 2019 WDSF World Open Latin Adult   Da Lian, People's Republic of China
Adjudicator 20 July 2019 WDSF WORLD CUP Standard Adult   Da Lian, People's Republic of China
Adjudicator 11 May 2019 WDSF European Cup Latin Adult   Salaspils, Latvia
Adjudicator 28 October 2018 WDSF Open Latin Senior I   Moscow , Russia
Adjudicator 26 October 2018 WDSF GrandSlam Latin Adult   Moscow, Russia
Adjudicator 06 - 07 June 2015 WDSF Open Latin Senior II   Standard Senior IV   Latin Senior II   Vienna, Austria
Adjudicator 07 June 2015 WDSF PD World Championship Show Dance Latin Adult   Vienna, Austria
Adjudicator 06 - 08 March 2015 WDSF Open Standard Senior I   Latin Senior I   Standard Senior IV   Standard Senior III   Standard Senior II   Helsinki, Finland
Adjudicator 07 - 08 March 2015 WDSF PD Open Standard Adult   Latin Adult   Helsinki, Finland
Adjudicator 07 June 2014 WDSF Open Latin Junior II   Standard Junior II   Standard Adult   Tirana, Albania
Adjudicator 02 November 2013 WDSF World Open Latin Adult   Yambol, Bulgaria
Adjudicator 23 - 24 April 2011 WDSF Standard Senior I   Standard Junior II   Standard Youth   Tallinn, Estonia