COVID19 - Extension of education for WDSF officials

A number of WDSF officials have already experienced that current coronavirus situation has a direct impact on the ability to fulfill the educational requirements of attending a Congress every two years to maintain their WDSF  license.

To support WDSF Officials in this difficult time, as well as to save their time, resources and to protect their health, the WDSF Presidium has made a special decision to extend the validity of the Congress requirements from two to three years for officials whose Congress education is due to expire in 2020.

The Congress requirement can be extended for one year from the date of its expiration. The fee for this extension is 60 euros.

Please note that this does not change the need to pay an annual license fee.

Instructions to extend the education validity.


  1. Go to the congress page: Adjudicator congress - Chairperson congress
  2. In the left column select - "Register" (you must be logged in to be able to register)
  3. Enter all required information and pay the fee.


The education validity will not be extended automatically after the payment.

The WDSF Academy will confirm it manually after checking all the specified data.