2020 Vision

2020 Vision VISION 2012 was the driving force behind the World DanceSport Federation assuming a new identity and extending the scope of its brand to include many different forms and styles of dance practised as sport.

HipHop 2020 VISION, the new development plan of WDSF, focuses on aligning the organisation as well as the sport with the objectives that are identified by members of a task force and by the WDSF constituents. The overriding goal of the 2020 VISION process is to bring DanceSport to the next level and to make WDSF compliant with the highest standards in governance. Different areas have been identified and a number of specific objectives have been defined for the task force to take action in accordance with approved plans. Here are some of the areas where work associated with 2020 VISIOM will get carried out over the years to come:

  • Governance
  • Sport
  • Communication
  • Broadcasting
  • Marketing
  • Popularity
  • Development
  • Olympic Games

In their planning as well as in their actions, the members of the task force pledge to uphold the principle "For the Good of DanceSport and the Athletes!" at all times.