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First Encounter

B-Boy Moy

Yesterday's GrandSlam Latin Hong Kong was the first that had breaking competitions running parallel to it. Throughout the day, finals of a national event brought local b-boys and b-girls to the floor of the QE II Stadium in between the Latin rounds. One of the highlights was the b-boy final that preceded the one of the GrandSlam.

They six finalists in the youth age group got to perform in front of the capacity crowd. And a great show they put on! If they were upstaged by other dancers taking to the floor yesterday, the three event judges - all true breaking legends as well - were among them. B-Girl Narumi, B-Boy Katsu 1, both from Japan, and B-Boy Moy, USA, brought down the house. "Absolutely incredible!," was the comment made by a wide-eyed Gabriele Goffredo. That should sum it up perfectly: not only the quality of their performances - but also the fact that they, as the judges officiating the competition, danced themselves.

We had interviewed the three earlier in the day and were told why this is done at all breaking competitions. Judges dance in front of the b-boys/girls to establish credibility, to signal competence and to close ranks within the community. Everybody is a b-boy/girl!

Now, just for a moment, imagine the adjudicators in Latin and Standard doing the same!