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Giacomo and Roberta

Giacomo Lazzarini - Roberta Benedetti, ITA © HK Sportsfinder

Giacomo Lazzarini and Roberta Benedetti, ITA, belong to the large group of dancers from Europe who wouldn't want to miss the GrandSlam Hong Kong. Even if their result last year wasn't quite as they had expected - they missed the semi-final narrowly by coming in 14th - they like dancing here.

Their placing in the GrandSlams has been fairly inconsistent over the last year. They went from missing the semi-final in Hong Kong to almost making the final in Stuttgart, ending up in their career-best 7th place in 2016. Now they come off a 13th place in the Wuhan leg, hence chances are good that they could end up in a single-digit rank today.

nyrt5EYs7HM|Lazzarini - Benedetti, ITA | 2017 GS LAT Hong Kong R1 R