We the Athletes ...

The International DanceSport Federation approved the constitution of an Athletes’ Commission at its 2007 General Meeting in Barcelona, ESP. The IDSF Presidium established the voting procedure for the democratic election of the members to the commission.

The Athletes’ Commission is a consultative body of WDSF, submitting opinions held and requests articulated by the active athletes in DanceSport directly to the Presidium. The chairperson represents the commission’s views and opinions at the Presidium meetings.

Over the years to come, the commission is to grow organically and should - ultimately - comprise representatives of all DanceSport disciplines under WDSF auspices. Absolute gender parity among the members is to mark its composition as much as it does DanceSport in general.

The Athletes' Commission has its own Facebook page to communicate effectively with their peers.

Read more about the Athletes Commission in the WDSF Operating Policy - Athlete's Commission 



Patrick Rucinski, CAN
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Rikako Ota, JAP
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Sheldon Gilbert, AUS
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René Ewals, NED
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Sean Smullen, IRE
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Monica Korf, RSA
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