Fighting For Clean DanceSport

The Anti-Doping Commission was constituted to address the problem of doping in DanceSport. The commission puts in place an anti-doping structure and authors the proprietary Anti-Doping Code, including forms of consent and therapeutic use exemption, and it implements instructions and requirements put forth by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

All Anti-Doping documents, rules and guides can be found in our Rules for Athletes section.

The Commission Chair serves as the WDSF Anti-Doping Delegate, organising and supervising the anti-doping controls at WDSF competitions and liaising between WDSF and WADA. Physicians and attorneys make up the commission membership.

To each Annual General Meeting of the WDSF the Director of the Anti-Doping commission produces a report about the current state of the Anti-Doping situation. These documents can be found in the WDSF Rules & Regulations section.

The WDSF Anti-Doping Commission can be reached at the following email address:   

Herbert Waller

Herbert Waller, SUI



  • Dr. Thomas Wirth, GER
  • Dr. Jennifer Yao, CAN
  • Prof. Dr. Tongtavutch Anukarahanonta, THA
  • Carol Post, USA
  • Dr. Carlos Wollein (WRRC), AUT
  • Jasmin Corrodi, SUI
  • Diana Simarro, ESP