Recruitment and Support

Purpose of the Commission:

  • To promote new membership in all parts of the World
  • To recruit and recommend new WDSF Member Federations
  • To operate as WDSF Advisory Service which assists Member federations to communicate with WDSF
  • To provide an introduction and methodical, systematic support to new Member Federations for at least two years, after they have been admitted to membership in WDSF, in order to help them to integrate quickly and effectively into WDSF and succeed as DanceSport federation.
  • To promote and develop DanceSport in these new Member Federations with direct help, like videos, trainers, information, etc.
Nenad Jeftic

Nenad Jeftic

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  • Valeri Ivanov, ESP
  • Boris Odikadze, ISR
  • George Tan, MAL
  • Marina Kalacheva, RUS
  • Habib Atallah, LBN
  • Teboho Rakhomo, LSO
  • Patricia Jofre, ECU