Athletes' Health and Welfare

The mission of the WDSF Medical Commission is to:

  • support in a professional and independent way all officials, athletes, and coaches in medical issues of all kind concerning DanceSport
  • promote scientific research, injury prevention, and rehabilitation in DanceSport
  • promote health education in both prevention and sport specific rehabilitation and recovery strategies

For this mission, the WDSF Medical Commission seeks to build strong cooperation with national sports-medical and dance-medical specialists to pool experience in the field of medicine and dance medicine as effectively as possible, in accordance with the needs of all WDSF Athletes.

Patrizia Melchert

Dr. Patrizia Melchert, AUT

Contact details


  • Ineke Crijns MD, NED
  • Helena Kruusam√§e, PhD, EST
  • Tim Rausche MD, GER
  • Ramandeep Singh Randhawa MD, CAN
  • Prof. Carlo Tranquilli MD, ITA
  • Thomas Quinton MD, AUT
  • Jana Hradilova MD, SVK

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