Consultative Bodies

As per the WDSF Statutes, the Presidium is entitled to constitute independent commissions in order to have them assist it in its work. The purpose of these commissions is to advise WDSF - the President, the Presidium or the General Assembly as the case may be - and to tend to specific matters assigned to each of them under an official mandate. Standing or ad hoc commissions may be established. 15 standing WDSF Commissions exist at this time.

The Presidium appoints the members and defines the terms of reference for each commission. Expertise in a particular field qualifies the members for their appointment. WDSF Commissions are responsible for the details of their work as well as for how that work is carried out. They have no executive authority. Their proposals require the approval of the Presidium.

Most of the WDSF Commissions present an annual report to the General Meeting.

WDSF Members, athletes and officials are encouraged to submit their querries and suggestions to the Commission Chairs.

Published on 13 September 2010 (last update on 1 May 2024)