Technical / Sports Department

The new WDSF Sport Commission

The goals of this commission are:

  • to provide clear, comprehensive advice and instructions to competition organisers and officials
  • to maintain and expand a transparent, active Adjudicators selection system to ensure rigorous fairness and fight Manipulation
  • to update and maintain an efficient, advanced system of WDSF Adjudication in WDSF High-Performance sport
  • to oversee and manage the efficient planning and production of all WDSF-granted competitions, and
  • to maintain, increase and improve close communications with WDSF's Member bodies on all sports matters.
  • to liaise and work closely with the WDSF Staff and the WDSF Office to achieve the WDSF Sport Commission’s goals in cooperation with other officials and WDSF Presidium Commissions
WDSF Operating Policy - Sports Commission

Senior representatives

Shawn Tay

Chair WDSF Academy
Shawn Tay

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Shawn Tay

Vice-President For Sport, Chair of the WDSF Sports Commission, Chair of Sports Enforcement Committee
Nenad Jeftic

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Denis Lilih

WRRC Sports Director
Denis Lilih

Verena Sulek

WDSF PD Director
Verena Sulek

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Dallas Williams

Chair of WDSF Sports Technical System Committee
Dallas Williams

Patricia Goh

Chair of WDSF Adjudicators Qualifications Classification Committee
Patricia Goh

Profile image of Wolfgang Eliasch

Chair of WDSF Sports Policies Development Committee
Wolfgang Eliasch

Profile image of Valdis Skutans

Chair of WDSF Sports Event Planning and Promotion Committee
Valdis Skutans



Sports Technical System Committee

  • Chairperson – Dallas Williams – Australia
  • Member – Stefan Green – Italy
  • Member – Patricia Goh – Canada
  • Member – Stefan Rath – Germany
  • Member – Kresimir Bosnar (WRRC)

Adjudicators Qualifications Classification Committee

  • Chairperson – Patricia Goh - Canada
  • Member - Eric Sourdeau - France
  • Member – Pietro Braga – Italy

Sports Enforcement Committee

  • Chairperson – Nenad Jeftic – Serbia
  • Member - Michael Eichert - Germany
  • Member - Gheorghe Raducan - Romania
  • Member - Alberto Rodrigues - Portugal

Sports Policies Development Committee

  • Chairperson – Wolfgang Eliasch – Austria
  • Member – Jeffrey Van Meekerk – The Netherlands
  • Member – Petr Odstrcil – Czech Republic
  • Advisor – Heinz Spaeker – Germany
  • Advisor - Michael Eichert- Germany
  • Member - Markus Sonyi - Germany
  • Member - Patricia Goh - Canada
  • Member – Denis Lilih (WRRC)
  • Member - Lior Belenky - Israel

Sports Event Planning and Promotion Committee

  • Chairperson – Valdis Skutans – Latvia
  • Member Europe - Paulo Paulino - Portugal
  • Member Oceania – Martha Williams – Australia
  • Member USA/Canada – Kimberly Smith – USA
  • Member Asia – George Tan, Malaysia
  • Member South Africa – Kevin Juul
  • Member - Lior Belenky - Israel
  • Member – Miriam Izak (WRRC)