The Developmement Commission aims to develop and popularize various dance forms among National Member Bodies and promote dance as a sport for everyone, two-way athletic career, training cycles adapted to particular age group and the development of academic sport integration of WDSF DanceSport family.


  • Promote the idea of teaching different dance forms among children, youths, academic students, adults and seniors. Development of a long-term development plan for a two-way career.
  • Development of tasks for a two-way career, which will help athletes to develop their sports career and enable them to study or work at the same time.
  • Cooperation with higher education institutions in the field of scientific research dedicated to DanceSport
  • Development of cooperation with national academic associations through National Member Bodies and European/World academic association 
  • organization of the WDSF Dance Congress addressed to: dancers, trainers, judges, activists and managers of DanceSport and other disciplines-a scientific conference devoted to sports medicine with a special focus on DanceSport
  • award system for dancers, trainers, activists or events promoting DanceSport (eg. medal/badge for merits for WDSF)
  • development of regional cooperation between NMBs, taking into account geographic, social and financial conditions
Antoni Czyzyk

Antoni Czyzyk, POL

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  • Vadim Permyakov, RUS
  • Ashli Williamson, DEN
  • Magdalena Czarnocka-Kaptur, POL
  • Gordon Gilkes, AUS